Custom portraits of people and pets from your favorite photos in various media.

Nikki Wharton-Eby: Professional Artist
People and Pet Portraits


Please visit my website often to see updates that will exemplify additional styles of artwork by artist, Nikki.

About Me

My Background


As a daughter and granddughter of very talented artists, I began drawing as a toddler --- as soon as I could hold a pencil or crayon in my hand.  My favorite subjects were usually animals, but I also enjoyed creating portraits of my family, pets, friends and teachers.  As an adult, I studied commercial and fine art and eventually worked as a technical illustrator in the auto industy.  Throughout my life, my livelihood has always been people and pet portraits.  I have been a vendor at various cat and dog shows, including Westminster in NYC.

My Medium


I enjoy creating art in all media,  usually executing my people and pet portraits in pastel, prismacolor and/or acrylic, but I also love working with oil paint.  Many of my portraits are created with mixed media in my art studio and sometimes on location.

I have also worked with clay and enjoy creating 3 dimensional art.

Photography is another medium I have enjoyed....In the past, I worked as a "stringer" in photojournalism.

My Inspiration


As an artist, the outdoors and Nature have always held a special place in my heart, along with my love for animals!  My spirit feels at home when surrounded by meadows, forests, rivers, lakes, trees, wildflowers...and the sounds of Nature with crickets and birdsong... and the comforting purr of my companion cats throughout the years of my life.  These have frequently been inspiration for my creativity. 

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